Fern Mallis is the new consultant and advisor of Pier59 Studios

She will be immediately joining the post as she is all about to plan for the program of 20th anniversary celebration of Pier59, which is about to be held on Oct 26. Fern Mallis after the spring 2016 season of New York Fashion Week is ready to add a new designation to her profile, which is so well gifted already. In WWD, it was proclaimed that Mallis is the new consultant and executive adviser to Pier59 Studios.

Pier59 Studios is a multimedia and photography studio which is within New York’s Chelsea Piers and is about 100,000-square-foot. She is already appointed and ready to join her profile and her very first work here would be to organize the 20th anniversary festivities of Pier59 and it will be held on Oct 26.

Fern Mallis is the new consultant and advisor of Pier59 Studios 1

Mallis, 67, as reported will be working directly with the CEO and founder of Pier59, Federico Pignatelli as well as with Christina Neault who is a fashion programming consultant and also 10-year IMG Worldwide alumna. Pignatelli and Mallis’s work association hails back from the year 1997 when New York’s seventh on Sixth fashion shows for one of the seasons had migrated to Pier59.

In the year 1991-2001 in the Council of Fashion Designers of America she served as the executive director and she also had credited as for forming 7th on Sixth—the very first Fashion Week for New York, in 1993 in Bryant Park. Mallis has also hosted interviews with prominent celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Iman in a conversation series called “Fashion Icons With Fern Mallis”.

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