Find Out The Latest Celebrity Styles Handbag

All women know, every detail counts to provide a flawless look from head to toe. Certainly, keeping the make-up and hair are paramount, but it is something that should not skimp.

It is of course accessories, and not just any handbag remains a cult object that has survived the ages and accompanies the outfits of all women, across all styles.

Find Out The Latest Celebrity Styles Handbag

Large luxury homes have also understood the importance of this fashion accessory. It is therefore normal that every season, brands are waging a relentless battle leaving the new bags, which may mark the world of fashion.

There are models of bags that have become true classics which defy time season after season. The biggest fashion houses all have a model lighthouse bag. But only a few are our real jewels overpriced, all one day wearing one dream! Discover with us so our anthology of 10 Bags cults of the fashion world:

– The Timeless Classic is the essential bag of Chanel, which is a version of 2.55 edited by Karl Lagerfeld himself into a different bag. The 2.55 and the Timeless are almost similar, the difference is at the clasp, that of 2.55 is a small unobtrusive rectangle, while that of Timeless represents two intertwined C, the famous logo of the house Chanel. Perfect for all occasions these two bags are our favorites, and Jessica Alba and Diane Kruger also.

– The Hermes Birkin was created as the name suggests and for Jane Birkin , in collaboration with the president of Hermes Jean Louis Dumas. Beautiful, this bag was a great success upon its release in 1984, and since then the madness Birkin is never settled. We see this bag on all the stars from Lady Gaga to Katie Holmes through even Hilary Duff.

– The Hermes Kelly is also a cult bag! Established in 1935, it will take until 1956 for him to do around the world with a picture where we discover the arm of the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly.


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