Find Out Who Have Fashion Re-Defined!!!

Who said fashion can be established only by adults, the youngsters’ wrist bands hewed out of rubber bands are the newest shopper element to knowledge a ascend in sales.

Loom Bands are now revolving as one of the most craze thing of today’s trend!! There is no doubt that they are modest and amusing to do as per the requirement.

How to make it?

To make a rubber band bracelet, you need not buy a loom but you will need to get rubber bands. These may come in rainbow or single color packs using which you can form multi colored bracelets or single colored bracelets respectively. And there are many colors available, from which you can choose your child’s favorite or got lost while selecting the color, go in for rainbow packs which consists of all the colors.


As July 4th is round the corner, such experimentations and innovations can be the best way to beat the heat and to have the paramount holiday. Also such activities make your children occupied in their own way. It improves your child’s concentration and lets their creativity flow out in a channeled way.


In rubber band bracelets there are two different types of patterns available namely the fish tail pattern, wherein the band will resemble the tail of the fish to form an arrow like format and dragon scale pattern, which is similar to that of the scales of the dragon, forming a broad flat layer of three lines.

These rubber band bracelets are just the perfect gifts for almost all occasions from birthday, friendship day to farewell.

Recently these rubber band bracelets have gained popularity amongst supreme stars from David Beckham Fearne Cotton, The Duchess of Cornwall to The Duchess of Cambridge. The fashion has no leaps or bounds; it can be from a child or can be from granny.

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