First Look: Chinti & Parker Menswear Launch

The British luxury knitwear brand Chinti & Parker has announced the launch of its first ever Menswear range, which will be available online and offline.

Founded in 2009, The British luxury knitwear brand Chinti & Parker, specialized in woman swear, but has now announced the launch of its first ever Menswear range. The brand Chinti & Parker was founded by two cousins Rachael woods, who employed in Browns, and Anna Singh who is known for her expertise in beauty products. The luxury wear collection consists of a 34 different pieces of menswear in 17 variations of style, using a variety of sweater material such as cashmere, merino wool and lamb’s wool, in designs such as cardigans and jumpers.

Chinti & Parker Menswear Launch1

These luxury jumpers are available in different patterns and colors including half sleeve, full sleeve, crew necks, and basket like weave, patterns of intarsia and stripes which contrast, sleeves and cuffs, motifs of star, patches across the elbow, and prints across the chest. The knitwear brand is also available in the basic colors. The founders of the brand had launched the menswear brand, as a response to the growing demand for these outfits as well as the logical next step for expanding their already successful women swear brand.

The founder duo is planning to launch a capsule collection at the popular retailer Selfridges including some of the best selling products. They plan to increase the availability of the brand, opening or collaborating with a number of retail outlets throughout the country. As part of their menswear range, they will launch a new range of organic t-shirts and shirts in their spring summer 2015 collection. These autumn winter 2014 jumpers and cardigans are available online at their official website as well as other retailers like Matches fashion, with cashmere sweaters more expensive compared to lamb’s wool outfits.

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