Five Easy Ways to Relax, Even With a Packed Schedule

In today’s society, there seems to be status attached to being busy: the busier you are, the more you are respected. While having a full daily schedule certainly has its benefits, for example, it keeps you motivated, avoids laziness and lethargy and can mean you’re more productive, it also has its drawbacks. When was the last time you truly felt relaxed, for example?

You’d be forgiven for thinking you don’t have time to unwind, but there are many ways you can squeeze in some relaxation even with the busiest of weeks. You may even find you’re able to get more tasks done if you allow yourself the chance to take a break.


Protect a Slice of “Me Time” Every Day

Trying to keep a consistently busy lifestyle is a one-way road to burn-out. There’s only so much activity the body, mind, and spirit can take before it goes into overload.

As such, you should try to protect a little “me time” every day. What does “me time” look like to you? Perhaps it’s putting on your favorite song while driving in the car or treating yourself to a coffee sat in a cafe, rather than always opting for take out. Whatever you choose to do, allow yourself to pause to truly enjoy the blessing. You’ll feel better for it!


Wake Up a Little Earlier

A lot of people will say they haven’t got time to unwind at the end of the day. Once they’ve finished work, been to the gym, made dinner, got the kids ready for bed, answered some emails, there’s no time left at all.

Have you thought, instead, about getting up thirty minutes earlier in the morning? There’s nothing quite like the silence and solitude of a household that’s yet to wake up. You may find this quiet time very rejuvenating indeed.


Treat Yourself to Micro Treatments

Everyone can spare fifteen minutes, especially if it’s in the name of self-care. You’d be surprised at the treatments you can get in as little as a quarter of an hour. For example, find a spa or gym local to you that hosts hydromassage technology to enjoy the relaxing nature of an ‘all sides’ body massage. You don’t even need to take off your clothes, making the whole process even speedier!


Remember to Breathe

It might sound absurd, but when you’re rushing around with a busy agenda, the quality of our breathing takes a rapid decline. Where you can, remind yourself to take long, deep breaths, with equal length inhales and exhales. This ‘equal ratio breath’ works with your parasympathetic system, calming you down in no time at all.


Be Aware of How You Speak to Yourself

 We all have a little voice inside our heads which, if not monitored, can start to apply subconscious pressure to work harder, faster and more doggedly. If you’re always saying to yourself, “I should do…” then consider rephrasing to, “I could…”. Giving yourself the option, where there is one, will free up mental space to take on challenges more efficiently and in a calmer manner.

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