Flaunt Your Shorts In Style

Wearing shorts has been considered unstylish for a long time by many. The problem however does not lie in the shorts itself, but the kind of shorts and how it was carried out by the person wearing it. In this period of heat wave, it sure does sound great if shorts became the in vogue thing.

Flaunt Your Shorts In Style1

We do believe that shorts can be worn in style if you know what you are doing. Patrick Grant, the Savile Row designer from London has been known to voice his preference for stylish shorts. Below we give you few ideas on how to carry off the stylish shorts look.

Always stay away from the synthetic shorts. They just make you look unpolished and unprofessional. If you want to appear trendy and stylish, get good chinos shorts in a solid color. Shorts alone cannot make a style statement. It is the ensemble you put together with the shorts that can transform the shorts from a relaxing cloth piece to a style statement. It is true that pairing your shorts with the professional leather boots might not work. But you can pair the chino shorts with loafers.

Shorts should ideally be paired with a short sleeved shirt which fits you and is trim. You can go one step further and wear it with a blazer and tie like Mr.Grant did, but it might take you a while to gather appreciation yet. The important thing to remember when you buy shorts is to avoid cheap materials. Choose chinos and make sure that it is in a solid color. Patterns, designs, flowers and beaches are not just cut out for the professional or stylish look you are trying to achieve. You can find a range of solid colored chino shorts from Gap as well as other top retailers.

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