Four Great Fashion Additions for Fall

You may be struggling to come to terms with the end of summer, but as inevitably the seasons are soon to change – and with them, the clothes that you’ll be wearing. With autumnal browns, reds and yellows soon to dominate rural and urban scenes, and an added chill soon to whip the air, it’s time to adjust your wardrobe with some savvy, cost-effective additions that’ll have you perfectly prepared for the change of seasons. This guide details four of the best additions you could possibly make to your wardrobe for Fall 2018.



 You might have been rocking sandals, heels or flip-flops for the majority of the summer, but the next few weeks are going to see your toes becoming numb if you struggle on with such footwear. It’s time to cover up the tootsies, and for that, there’s no better place to turn than a pair of classy boots – which of course come in all shapes and sizes. Try and go for some that you’ll be able to wear from September through to April – the longer they are appropriate to wear, the more you’ll be able to spend on them to make them a worthy addition.



 Layer up! It’s not going to be shorts and t-shirts, or skirts and bare arms for much longer, and as such an extra layer is the perfect way to bridge that solemn gap between summer and winter. Whether it’s a sweatshirt to keep you from freezing up on those early morning jogs or some sweatpants for lazing around the home in comfort and with the right kind of temperature, these make for cheap, cheerful and classy additions to your wardrobe that are endlessly versatile in all kind of situations in which you’re looking for extra warmth.



 To be a little bit color hue savvy, it’s time to start looking at earthy hues on the run-up to winter. Remember that the flowery and bright colors of summer – alongside the vivid blue and greens – are all heading out of fashion, with hues roaring back into the limelight. That means dark greens, an array of yellows and oranges, and other delicate balances of colors representing the slow decline to winter – matching the fallen leaves and the atmosphere around you is the perfect way to tailor your wardrobe to the changing seasons. Try to dress for your skin tone too, if you can.



 Finally, and most importantly, this is the time you start shopping around for your winter coat for 2018/19. What you decide to go for this year will be entirely dependent on your style – and perhaps what you’ve owned previously – but a light, long trench coat wins in for stylish fall fashion additions. It’ll flow and blow in the breeze in typical New York style, and will provide the right coverage from the cool and the rain without suffocating you from the heat on the subway, or as you enter heated offices or homes.

These four fashion additions are must-haves as the summer rolls through fall on its way to the cool month of the winter – so get out there, shop around, and select your must-have fall wardrobe accessories.

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