Francesca Amfitheatrof – Where Creativity and Productivity Come Together

Francesca Amfitheatrof is now the first ever woman to flaunt the title of design director of Tiffany, the 177-year-old company. It looks like she is taking the most challenging assignment of her life! The designer has received so many accolades and along with that her work experience is diverse. That is really surprising for common people to imagine that how can a person be productive and creative simultaneously.

Amfitheatrof has creative parents; an American journalist and an Italian publicist. She finished her schooling in England. She got opportunity to spend her early days of childhood indifferent cities like Moscow, Rome, and Toyko. About her parent’s expectations she revealed that her father who used to work for Times magazine wanted her to study in the USA. But she always aspired to go to Art College. She first attended Central St. Martins, and then went to the Royal College of Art. At the later institute she received degree in silversmithing and eventually got trained under a master craftsman near Padua in Italy.

Amfitheatrof- Where Creativity and Productivity Come Together

After finishing school Amfitheatrof designed a collection for Alessi, an Italian brand. After this she never looked back as she got assignments for designing jewelry, accessories, and house wares for different brands. Amfitheatrof also launched her own collection of jewelry, which she kept designing at regular basis. Moving to States for Tiffany was not indeed a very easy decision for her as her life was well-settled with her family in London. But when opportunity like working at Tiffany came across it was difficult for her to deny!

Her major focus for last 12 months was on learning details of each product. She simultaneously took charge Blue Book, which is annual publication highlighting 250 pieces from Tiffany jewelry, all needless to say exclusive. She managed to design Tiffany T, a range of accessories for daily wear. About her idea behind her new iconic jewelry collection she said, “The kind of jewelry that just lives with you. The more you wear it, the more you love it.”

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