French Fashion Dolls in History

French fashion has always been widely admired throughout the world, and French fashion dolls were used to convey the latest styles worldwide.

France in general, and Paris in particular is considered to be the fashion capital of the world, and French fashion is widely watched, admired and copied throughout the western world. To promote the latest French fashion styles and garments, French fashion dolls were designed and dressed very intricately and sent to countries throughout the world, to convey the latest fashion styles, which could be then copied locally by fashion conscious individuals, garment designers and others interested in replicating the latest fashion trends from the French.

French Fashion Dolls in History_FI

These life sized French fashion dolls were designed to help the fashion designers to replicate the garment and clothing patterns in very great detail. If needed, these garments could be removed from the fashion dolls and used to design the clothes locally, by copying the patterns, stitching, material and other design features. Based on the size of the wearer, these designs could be scaled. After these latest fashion clothes were replicated locally the clothes were put on the dolls again, and these could be sent to our countries and cities interested in the latest French fashion styles.

 Since these life size models are both expensive and inconvenient to move from one place to another, smaller French fashion dolls are now available, which are portable and can be dressed to convey the latest fashion styles just as well. These smaller models are easier to carry from one place to another. Also less effort and material is needed to dress up these smaller French fashion dolls. While the garments worn by the fashion dolls were made from fabric initially, they have been gradually replaced by paper and other materials, which are less expensive.

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