Gender-Neutral Fashion: Beyond Men’s Wear And Women’s Wear

One of the more popular trends in the last few months has been the increased popularity of Gender-neutral fashion, going beyond men’s wear and women’s wear

Traditionally clothes designed for men and women were very different, often used to distinguish the two genders from a distance. However, in recent years, an increasingly common trend is the popularity of Gender-neutral fashion, which does not distinguish between menswear and women’s wear. Noticing that a large number of women spend a lot of time in the menswear section of garment and department stores and prefer to buy menswear, which they wear themselves, many popular clothing lines which earlier focused on menswear are now also offering a unisex line which women can also wear.

Gender-neutral fashion

Additionally there has been an increase in the tendency of men to experiment with woman’s garments. Unlike women for whom most fashion designers release a large variety of outfits, there are very few haute couture lines exclusively designed for men, which use the best fabric, patterns and finishes. Hence many fashion conscious men are always interested in checking out the range of women’s designer outfits available. Many unisex lines like the designer Vivienne Westwood’s 2014 autumn winter collection are being marketed as being used by women as well as their partners.

Fashion involves wearing new patterns and experimenting with different looks, for which men have an extremely limited choice. Hence they are most likely customers for unisex fashions which are a variation of the designs for women. The emergence of high profile unisex models like Elliott Sailors, Andreja Pejic  and Saskia de Brauw who have modeled both menswear as well as women’s wear highlights the increasing popularity of unisex garments. The size of these garments will vary depending on gender; medium size clothes for women will be small size for men.

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