Get set to become a glam mom-to-be: Rachel Bilson sets the trend

OC star Rachel Bilson looks great in almost anything; and now with the glow of motherhood on her face she sure brings a new glam to the maternity dressing scene.

Expecting her first baby with her fiancé Hayden Christiansen Rachel easily transitions to maternity dressing from her casual California style.

Pregnant Rachel Bilson gets Trendy

Let’s see what this inspiration for style conscious mothers-to-be is doing up her maternity dressing.

Rachel Bilson sets the trend

1. Shirt and Shorts

RB was recently spotted shopping in LA in an ivory Henley shirt without collar. Light pin stripes and buttons till the baby bump set off the Henley’s character. The Jonts jean shorts were just right on her comely legs. Her raven hair loosely tied in a plait, dark sunglasses and a casual bag thrown over the shoulder completes the relaxed style and grace of early maternity.

2. White Shirt and Skirt

Who says that long skirts are dowdy? Rachel carries off a long grey skirt wonderfully well with a sleeveless white T shirt tucked neatly into the skirt. Cream colored ballerina flats and a matching bag is what makes a glam mom-to-be.

3. The Barbados Chronicles

The 32-year old Hart of Dixie star gave enough photo ops to the paparazzi to highlight her maternity style statements during her recent vacation in Barbados with her boyfriend. The looks were laid-back, with elements of fun, totally functional, and totally stylish. A trend in maternity dressing is certainly in the offing. Among the dresses she wore on the beaches of Barbados:

  • White tank and loose printed shorts
  • Geometric printed shortalls
  • Chambray shirt dress
  • White caftan with embellished neckline
  • Red button down with torn denim cut-offs

4. Other notables

Rachel’s other dresses in public view include a loose hippie-style dress with a ruffled hem; and a dress with an apple prominently printed on the side.

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