Giorgio Armani And His Fabulous Designs

Giorgio Armani of Italy is a fashion designer who is known for his excellent designs of menswear and the collections he made in his company Armani.

Through his Italian fashion house of Armani, he is designing the menswear, manufacturing the dresses and distributing accessories such as shoes, watches, jewelry, cosmetics and other home interior designs.

Giorgio Armani In Fashion Show

Giorgio Armani In Fashion Show

No designer of Italy can compete with Giorgio Armani in the Hollywood. His popularity is gained through the television series Miami vice in the 1980. He is having good knowledge in understanding the clothing as per his body conscious. This made him called by people as a godfather of Italian fashion.

He started his business in the 1970and later his business extends in selling cosmetic items, house wares, books and other accessories. No designers can design and cut the materials to make trousers and jackets like Giorgio Armani. He is the most successful fashion designer in Italy.

Giorgio Armani's Winter Fall Collection

Giorgio Armani’s Winter Fall Collection

His taste in designing a costume, colors for the costume, and fabrics for the costume is excellent and hence he is shining as the best designer in Italy. In the year 1979, he distributes apparels for children, women and men. Power suit of Armani in the 1980s for men and women symbolize the international economic boom. Armani introduced junior, Armani jeans and Emporio Armani lines in the 1980s.

The design of emporia lines of him look more youthful and stylish to wear. He sold this suit at an affordable price. The brand of Armani was worn by celebrities that gave them sensual silhouettes . In 1980,  Richard Gere wore Armani costume for the American gigolo festival. His collection called Armani prive an haute couture collection was launched in the year 2005. His soft shouldered suit silhouette is the master design in the today’s trend.

Giorgio Armani Fashion Designer
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