Glasses Trends and How to Find the Perfect Frames for Your Face

The right frames can alter the look of a person, so it is important to know the latest trends and find the perfect frames for a person’s face.

Though not everyone may wear glasses for improving their eyesight, people tend to wear sunglasses on different occasions outdoors, while driving, relaxing on the beach, on a picnic. Hence it is important to choose the right sunglasses, which will suit the face of the person, and also are comfortable to wear, and do not leave any marks or scars on the skin. One rule to be followed is that the shape of the glasses should be opposite that of the face. Round faced Men and women are advised to select rectangular spectacles for their face.

Glasses Trends

One sign of poorly fitting glasses are glasses that rest on the check very heavily. The glasses size should be just right, not extend far out of the sides of the face. If the glasses do not properly rest on the ears, the size of glasses selected may be too small, and this problem is common for men with larger faces. Sunglasses should block the sunlight completely, and if the sunlight reaches the eyes from the sides of the glasses or bottom, it is recommended that a larger size of sunglasses be used. The sunglasses should be selected to match the hairstyle and event where they are worn and fitting may vary with weight.

Few people know that the inventor of Polaroid cameras Dr Edwin land is also the inventor of Polaroid lenses technology, developing the technology, ten years before the camera, and the Polaroid sunglasses were commercially available more than 75 years ago. Polaroid is currently one of the four most popular brands of sunglasses with sales of over 4 million sunglasses in more than eight countries. They have recently launched their summer collection, which includes ultra sight lenses and the more expensive Polaroid plus range starting from $140. Justin Bieber and footballer David Beckham are some celebrities who have purchased these Polaroid sunglasses recently.

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