Hailey Baldwin Flaunted Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

Yes we know Coachella came in and drove past soon, however we have tons of  festival fashion hangover still lingering all over us. Well this time we are heeding attention to those back in style, heart-shaped sunglasses! Hailey looked over the top cool and adorable and she wonderfully rocked in her heart-shaped sunnies and it is time you sported her cool look this summer!

Hailey Baldwin Flaunted Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

Hailey Baldwin, no doubt has become a master of fashion by now as she can quite effortlessly look chic and super stylish at the same time. At Coachella, the 18-year-old model definitely had a great time together with her close mate, Kendall Jenner and a good number of celebs. However what we cannot forget is her stylish way of wearing those heart shaped shades, so endearing and modish they are!

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin turning heads at Coachella

Heart-Shaped Sunglasses; It is time you try those goggles like Hailey Baldwin

When you have it, you are confident, you do not have to be young to have fun! Out here, heart and playfully shaped goggles are all over the place and if you remember you to must have had one during your childhood days!

Well, now they are rocking and back in style again and who could inspire us much better than the ravishing, Hailey Baldwin. The ones you get today are more smart and stylish and much more than the ones you used to play with, back during your childhood days!

Hailey completely rocked in her Wildfox Lolita Deluxe Sunglasses which had metal frames and they come with flashy mirror lenses too. Once again, they work superbly for you as they are now available with UV ray protect, and at the same time helps you to boost your style quotient tremendously.

She also looked quite smart in cut off Levi’s shorts and modishly styled Wildfox Desert Dahlia Keaton tanks.

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