Halle Berry Reveals Her Continuous Hair Switch-Ups

Halle Berry loves to play with her hair. At the launching event of her new Scandale Lingerie collection she reveals about her nonstop switch-ups with her hairs. She is launching her collection for Target. Halle has been seen with different types of hairdos recently. She has been seen one day with her lush and long locks and the next day she has a bob of chin-length. And on Thursday, Oct. 23, she attended her launching event of her lingerie line called Scandale Paris. The event has been held in NYC. At that event she finally reveals the reason of her being nonstop in her hairdos.

Halle Berry

In Halle’s words, “I’m starting a new movie tomorrow, so all this hair is to figure out a new character.” The gorgeous actress of 48 tells to Us Weekly about her hair switch-ups secrets. While talking to Us Weekly Halle has been snacking on delicious Laduree macarons. Sipping those yummy mimosas, Berry states, “I started long, then I cut it, then I played with it for a few days. I keep cutting it to see what’s going to work for this character. But at the same time, I have these public events to do! So I have to try to work [the hairstyles] into those moments. But it’s really all because I’m starting this movie.”

It is really interesting! The beautiful A-lister has been last seen acting for Extant, a small screen sci-fi series. However, Halle is ready to present her fans with her upcoming role of a mother in Kidnap. The upcoming Kidnap is a thriller and Halle is going to act as a mother who is searching for her son. So we are ready now Halle to see you in your new hair style in your upcoming movie. We also wish you all the best for your new movie.

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