Hear Catherine Martin Speaking on Chanel No. 5

Catherine Martin needs no introduction. She is a well-known personality attainting international attention and fame by her costume designs that fetch her the prestigious Academy Award. We have seen Catherine Martin in her excellent designs in The Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge. Presently, Martin is working with Chanel for its recent No. 5 commercial that feature the glamorous Gisele Bündchen.

Catherine Martin and House of Chanel

Martin has a long time relation with this House of Chanel. She and her hubby Baz Luhrmann worked 11 years ago with Chanel. And interestingly that was also the No.5 of Chanel starred by Nicole Kidman, who is also the family friend of Martin.

Catherine Martin and Her Favorite Chanel No. 5 Star

Martin stated that to choose a favorite of Chanel No.5 is a tough thing as each of the women embodies the various aspects found in a woman. However, she finally tells her choice about her favorite Chanel’s No.5, and that is Marilyn Monroe. Martin believes Marilyn “is the most unlikely Chanel No. 5 woman.”

Catherine Martin and Her Favorite Chanel No. 5 Star

Martin also said, “The clothes that Coco Chanel designed when she was alive were for a woman who was very active in life and wasn’t victim to her circumstances. There was a certain sense of empowerment in the clothes. And what was interesting was the fragility of Marilyn Monroe as the Chanel icon and the fact that she really suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.”

Martin also says that she finds all people who contributed to the myth of Chanel help in filling out the character that can be defined by having traits of modernity. As per Martin, “It’s about being in touch with what’s happening around you. I think there is a chicness—and that chicness is not only about clothes, it’s about a demeanor. Clothes, to some degree, are less important than the woman herself.”

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