Hermès’ New Artistic director is a low profile Fashion Designer

After rumours for some time, it was formally announced that the low profile Nadege Vanhee Cybulski was officially appointed the artistic director for the house of Hermes

Till a few weeks ago, little information could be obtained online about the fashion designer Nadege Vanhee Cybulski on major search engines like google, as she kept a very low profile. However, she was well known in fashion circles, especially designer wear.

Fashion Designer

When the fashion house of Hermes wanted to replace their earlier artistic director Christophe Lemair, rumours were heard that Nadege Vanhee Cybulski would be the replacement for a few days. Then it was confirmed on july 24 2014 that the low profile Nadege Vanhee Cybulski would be the artistic director for the house of Hermes.

Insiders in the fashion industry are aware that Nadege Vanhee Cybulski has worked closely with some of the high profile and best known actresses, models and other celebrities such as Maison Martin Margiela and Celine. Like Phoebe Philo with whom she worked closely for some time, Nadege Vanhee Cybulski has also not sought media coverage, so little information is publicly available. However, she has been the design director for women at The Row since 2011 helping in design of clothes for the high profile celebrities the twins Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen, known for their conservative look.

Unlike most well known and high profile designer whose revealing outfits are widely covered in the media,  Vanhee Cybulski is known for her conservative design style which includes high necked dresses, full sleeves and ankle hugging dresses.  The designer issued a brief press statement on the confirmation of her appointment online as the artistic designer of the house of Hermes, saying that she welcomed the appointment as they shared the same values, and she had admired the fashion house for a long time. The first fashion collection by the designer will be out by March next year, and is eagerly awaited by fashion watchers and the media..

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