High Heels – 6 Tips on how to avoid pain

I know that style comes before all, even comfort! So not wearing high heels because of the pain and suffering (!) is no answer. There must be ways to strut your stuff in those trendy heels and still feel comfortable.

Yes, there is. We give you 6 tips on how to select your high heels

High Heels

1. Select the right size

Know the length and width of your foot, and remember that they keep changing with time. So the pair you’ve stashed away sometime ago may not be suitable now. And never compromise on this basic rule if you have found a pair that you are just dying for but is slightly off-size.

2. Know your foot type

You need not go to a podiatrist to know your foot type. You can check if you have flat feet or  high-arched ones simply by wetting them and checking the imprints on a flat surface like the floor. This is an important point in selecting high heels.

3. Opt for thicker heels

Use stilettos occasionally. Opt for chunkier heels if stilettos are your regular thing. Go for thicker heels over thinner ones for more stability.

4. Avoid thin soles, opt for platforms

Platforms have a larger surface area and a better cushioning to take off some of the pressure on your feet. Thin soles almost always are more painful.

5. Take breaks

Take off your shoes whenever you can and stretch your toes and flex and rotate your ankles. Exercise your calf muscles and Achilles’ tendons.

5. Choose a shoe with more coverage on top

High heel boots can be worn comfortably throughout the day because of the coverage at the top. You can choose high heels with wide straps at the top and at the ankles.

6. Use inserts

Usually made from silicone, these are under-the-heel or ball of the foot pads that help prevent soreness and sliding forward of the feet.

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