History of fashion – To observe the major changes and present style

History and special events of the world have often created fashion styles and trends which we see in everyone’s life and style.

Today, every style and fashion is on a big platform where there are major changes every now and then in a single wink which is followed by women as an important part of life. This has been going on for ages from the time when man learnt to wear clothes of simple fabrics with bizarre pieces of accessories which are antique pieces for the present generation.

History of fashion –  To observe the major changes and present style

Simultaneously, woman fashion is considered more and our ancestors made an amazing fashion history with the use of different styles and graceful silhouettes which are in vogue at present.  As you know, History repeats itself and it is proved through fashion where you find the same fashions in craze among the Holly wood celebrities and models.

Greek and Romans style

  • In general, the ancient Greek and Roman times clothing was based on loose and flowing designs and covered with tunics in layers.
  •  This was a common form of dressing for men and woman and as the time passed, major revolutionary changes influenced the History of fashion with modest clothes which become more extravagant with beading and embroidery patterns.
  • The plain and simple fabrics were replaced with silks and lightweight fabrics in vibrant colors which are more preferred to design by fashion designers.
  • In addition to it, Victorian era also had several design dresses which are still followed as traditional in some parts of the world.

Luxurious styling in quieter tone

The end of every decade gives rise to new styles which creates the History of fashion. As nations are invaded, rules, supplied with required materials and this gives a chance to create new styles with new fabrics which are amazing to design and present the best of clothing collection from it. More of our fashion designers gets inspired from old designs and with their creativity ass some latest touches and cuts and present it in a new form which amazes the world of fashion and the fashion week spectators.

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