H&M Brings Eco-Friendly Denim Collection For All!

In today’s world the eco-friendly stuff is in! Many designers have tried it but finding out an eco friendly as well as pocket-friendly clothing is a challenge! H&M are probably the pioneers in this field. They have officially declared the launch of their ‘Conscious’ collection!  H&M is now expanding the range as they are launching an environmental friendly denims capsule collection. If we look at the description looks like going to be the star performer of this specific line!

The collection will be officially launched on 2nd October. It consists of 40 different denim pieces for gents, ladies and kids. One can get to see different varieties of body-tight trousers and jackets. It will also have quilted coats, loose neck sweatshirts, jumpsuit and joggers pants. The scarves and beanies are also included in the list. The price range is really smooth on pockets as each piece will have prices between $20 and $50.

H&M Brings Eco-Friendly Denim Collection For All

This collection being eco-friendly is a green collection that has classic pieces which can be used all around the year. The collection that includes basic shirts, Indigo dungarees, high-waisted tight jeans, are all made up using a process that has least water wastage and consumes less amount of energy. Each garment may not be made up of sustainable material but the process is with minimum resource wastage. The indigo colored fabric and Tencel are the denim-like materials used. The material has a fiber which is much similar to viscose product made from the pulp of eucalyptus. It has both green properties: it is sustainable and eco-friendly. The collection will arrive at H&M stores from 2nd October. One can go for online option for the purchase of conscious collection! The H&M brand has known to be in collaboration with Spanish sustainable denim company named Jeanologia. The company is taking all efforts to retain the standards of the processes being used.

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