Horse Show at Dublin had Kildare lady as the winner

The horse show at Dublin found its best dressed winner Laura Jayne Halton. She was successful in grabbing the €10,000 prize for her extraordinary dressing on the Ladies Day. The Kildare lady had vowed the audience and the judges Pippa O’Connor and Biarbre Power. And she was successful at defeating other entrants who too were eyeing the €10,000 prize.

The winner had a monochrome dress which was totally different from the rest of the entrant’s dresses. And this dress actually gave her the power to dominate over other entrants as she definitely looked different and all the more conspicuous. Her weird dressing was put up all by herself as she had designed her ensemble of dress and hat on her own.

Horse Show at Dublin had Kildare lady as the winner 1

The shoes chosen by the Maynooth lady was from Kurt Geiger and her matching bag was bought from TKMaxx. Pippa O’Connor, who is a fashion blogger was also a model before, and Fashion Editor Bairbre Power for Irish Independent had chosen the extraordinary ensemble as the winning entrant.

The competition saw many entrants parading through in beautiful dresses with some fantastic ensemble. Dundrum Town Centre was the official sponsor of the entire event and the winner was to get the voucher of the largest shopping centre in Ireland worth €10,000. Pippa O’Connor being the judge of the event spoke about the winner.

Horse Show at Dublin had Kildare lady as the winner


They claimed that the competition had immense style and beauty and it was a fantastic experience for all at the Dundrum’s Town Centre Ladies Day. She also said that it was a bit difficult for them as judge to choose the winner due to immense competition. Another competition was also to take place at the Shelbourne Hotel’s Bar at around 6:30 pm which again will judge the Most Stylish Lady. Competition is high and the fashion stakes are up in these stylish events in Ireland.

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