How to Create Your Very Own Smash-Hit Fashion Blog

Fashion is a massive, global industry that doesn’t just start and stop at the clothes you wear. It is a statement. A means to express yourself. It can be used in protest, in celebration, as an art form and as something practical. It also has close ties to many other different industries in the world. From agriculture to waste management, fashion is entangled to so many different processes and livelihoods that it is has become a global powerhouse worth trillions.


It also has millions of fans worldwide. Clothing is a necessity for everyone, and anyone can turn their passion for what they wear into a career – including you. You don’t have to be a designer, or a model, but to only follow this guide to get started on your own smash-hit fashion blog:


Go in with a Niche if You Can

When you want to start a fashion blog, the first thing you need to remember is that you have a lot of competition. The best way to cut through this competition and build a following faster is by catering to a niche.


Create a Great Website

Your website doesn’t need to be overly complex, but it does need to do its job and look great. Find a well-made and easy to use theme online and try to invest in you can in a domain name. Having your own domain name, rather one that is hosted will help give you an air of professionalism. It will also make customizing it much easier in the future when you have an income coming in.

Work on Your Photography Skills

You can take great photos with your phone, but you will first need to work on framing, angles, and of course editing. Work on perfecting this, and even help teach your friends so that they can take great photos of you, and you will already have great content to share.


Create Compelling Visual Content

Photos and text posts are not the only way you can market content, however. Pinterest offers those in the fashion world a huge market share, but only if you create the content that can enjoy click-through rates. Having people pin a photo of you in a rocking outfit is great, but it won’t bring in more traffic. A great infographic, however, can. Invest in infographic design services, and you can create content that will be widely shared and be useful in bringing in organic traffic to your site.


Post Regularly

Regular posting is key to success. Post at least once a day on social media, and ideally once or twice a week on your blog. It can be very tempting to just throw in a bunch of photos of your outfit of the day into a blog post and call it a day, but try to add context and textual elements as well. This will give you more narrative depth and help your search engine ranking.


Fashion is a highly competitive world, but so long as you stick to what you love and are dedicated to growing your own personal corner of the fashion world, you can make it.

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