How to fill in your eyebrows like a pro

For many women, their eyes are the defining feature of their face, and the eyebrows that complement their eyes, can enhance or mar their appearance.

Though the size and shape of the eyes of a woman are considered to be a sign of beauty, with women having large eyes considered to be very beautiful, these are determined by genetic factors and cannot be changed easily. Some women will have large eyes, which their parents have, while other women have smaller eyes, determined by hereditary factors. However, women have more control over their eyebrows shaping them as desired. While some women have naturally thick eyebrows which can be shaped as required, others have sparse eyebrows which can be filled in.

How to fill in your eyebrows like a pro_FI

Well defined and shaped eyebrows can greatly enhance the appearance of a woman, making her look both well groomed and elegant. Though trained beauticians at a beauty parlor can fill in the eyebrows professionally, many women will not be able to use their services as it can be both expensive and inconvenient, due to the time that will be wasted. Hence it is advisable to learn to fill in the eyebrows as required, using the techniques used by professional beauticians. For this they will first determine the shape of the eyebrow, including the location of the arch.

Once the beginning, end and center of the eyebrow arch have been determined, dots can be used to mark these positions. Then coloring powder can be used to connect these dots, to form an arch in the shape of the eyebrow. Depending on the thickness of the eyebrow needed, more color powder can be added. Some women have extremely sparse eyebrows, so it will relatively easier to shape these eyebrows. After the eyebrows have been formed, a mascara brush can be used to brush the hair of the eyebrow in one direction so that no hair in the eyebrow stands out or looks out of place.

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