How to Get the Perfect Fall Maxi Dress Look

Maxi dresses aren’t just for summer and spring; they are a universal style staple to wear in the colder months as well. Here are some tips to get the perfect fall maxi dress look.


Night Maxi Dress Look Tips

Classic maxi dresses are incredibly versatile. They can be layered easily due to their flowy nature and elegant look. This style can be worn out at night with a motorcycle jacket or a dark blazer. Heels are a great option to dress up a night maxi dress look as well. In the chilly fall weather, some heeled booties make for an elegant pairing while also dressing it down a little. If you have a sparkly maxi dress that you need the perfect occasion for, wear it out with a leather jacket, and you will be sure to turn heads.


Day Maxi Dress Look Tips

Maxi dresses are an easy look for the day, because you don’t have to add much to them. Some dresses that are made of a more casual material pair great with tennis shoes or stylish sneakers.

Floral patterns might feel like they belong in the summer and spring, but maxi dresses look good floral all year round, so keep your floral maxis at the front of your closet. Throw on a chunky belt to break up the look and add some edge to a floral dress. These would look great with casual boots, a sweater, or a denim jacket.  


Maxi Dresses For Specific Occasions

Formal occasions and maxi dresses go hand-in-hand. Maxi dresses are tasteful and can be paired with elegant jewelry to class them up. Try pairing your dress with a long, simple necklace and chunky bracelets. Maxi dresses also make the whole part of stressing about what to wear less… stressful. Throwing on a maxi dress before a formal event is easy and will make sure you are dressed appropriately. In autumn, embrace pumpkin season with fall-specific maxi dresses that are burnt orange or dark red.


How to Style Your Maxi Dress After a Temperature Drop

You may think it’s tacky to layer a bunch when wearing an elegant long dress, but tights are barely seen under a maxi dress. Look at black tights and patterned tights to wear under your dress. Even if you can see the tights at the ankles, it is cold out and tights always look great under dresses.


When temperatures drop (yikes), maxi dresses are still an option. There are enough stylish coats that you could find a long and thin one that compliments the maxi dress look. A long coat with a belt that can break up the look is an innovative option for rocking a maxi dress in cooler temperatures. Throw on a chunky puffy coat and call it “high fashion.” Chances are the contrast will look kind of cool!

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