How to Prepare For An Outdoors Adventure

Exploring the wilderness, going camping, or taking up some form of field sports is not an activity associated with glamor or fashion, because when you’re in the back of beyond you need to be thinking more about safety and practicality than looking stylish. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce an element of style into your country wardrobe. More and more people are realizing how enjoyable and beneficial it is for your health to get out into nature, and outdoor gear clothing companies have realized there is a demand for more fashionable clothing.

Safety first

Before you head off into the wilderness, it’s important to consider your own safety and health, in case of accidents or mishaps. If you’re shooting, for instance, wearing a high visibility tabard is required by law, so that all hunters can be seen and not fired at by other hunters. If you’re shooting waterfowl or planning a fishing expedition, hunting waders will keep you dry and protect your legs, which will make the world of difference to your enjoyment of the experience.

You also need to think about your fitness levels. You could be walking considerable distances over steep terrain, so make sure you’re physically up to the challenge. One of the best ways to fit in preparatory exercise is the use of exercise bands, such as those offered by Rubberbanditz, that can be carried with you wherever you go.


Finding stylish outdoor gear

Some years ago now, snow sports clothing manufacturers cottoned on to the idea that all the glamorous skiers at Aspen and Val D’Isere would pay for less functional-looking clothing that had the appeal of fashion and set new trends. Now anyone can buy a highly desirable skiing jacket that can be worn both on and off the slopes, and the market is awash with designer labels. Other outdoor sports may have been slower on the uptake, but the choice of styles is on the increase now. That’s good news for the fashion conscious, and you’ll find that certain brands are now considered the most desirable to wear when hunting or fishing. One interesting and timely trend happening right now is the introduction of workwear, and in particular, high visibility jackets and other clothing that has been designed for looks as well as for a practical need. Army camouflage has always been popular on the cat walk, and with winter around the corner there is an emphasis on winter wear with practicality and fashion in mind, so there is going to be an increasingly wide selection of hunting and camping gear that has the designer touch in the future.

The main reason to go out into the country is to get back to nature, so worrying about what you look like has never been much of a priority before. However, feeling confident and ready for whatever comes your way is a crucial element of enjoying the great outdoors, and now you can both look and feel great on your adventures.

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