How to Wear Hippie Chic in Your 30s

In addition to formal wear, most women in their thirties need to wear more informal clothes for a number of occasions, and some tips for the same are provided.

While most women have a little black dress (LBD) in their wardrobe for formal occasions like parties, they also need something more casual and informal, for other occasions like a visit to the beach, attending an impromptu barbeque in the neighborhood or out on a date. A sun-dress which will be considered to be hippy chic is recommended an integral part of the wardrobe for women in their early thirties, looking for the latest trends to select the best dress for their wardrobe. At this stage, many women are career conscious, and want to dress appropriately.

Red square ... Emmeline's halter top maxi dress.

One of the considerations for women in their thirties while selecting clothes is combined style with longevity, as they would like to spend large amounts of money only on stylish clothes that can be worn over a period of time. It is not feasible for women in their thirties to buy an expensive dress which will look hopelessly outdated within a few months or a year, and cannot be worn again. The women want to enjoy the fashion they wear and also should be able to wear the clothes to office, especially if the dress is very expensive.

Color- blocked sun dresses are in fashion this year, with a bold block of color near the face, highlighting the face, while a similar color at the bottom half, and draws attention to the feet. If the dress has a dark block of color around the waist, it can help make the waist look slimmer. When worn with a sweater, the sundress can also be worn for casual business meetings and other more formal occasions. On weekends, the long sun dress can be worn with flat sandal for a very comfortable and casual outfit. A large variety of sun dresses are available in different colors, with and without sleeves.

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