How to Wear Summer’s Top Beauty Trends to Work

While many women would not hesitate to adopt summer’s Top Beauty Trends on a holiday, they may have to make some minor changes to incorporate these trends at their Workplace.

The top beauty trends this summer are designed to make women look glamorous, and are suitable for wearing when holidaying or for parties and night outs. However, many women would think twice before adopting these beauty trends for more formal occasions like at work in an office, due to the dress code which may be strictly adopted.

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However, they can still incorporate the main elements of these beauty trends to work using some easy to follow tips which include suggestions on styling the hair as well as selecting the right makeup.

Summer’s Top Beauty Trends to Work

Wavy hair looks glamorous, associated with beach holidays and beautiful women, yet women can adapt this for the hairstyle they wear to office. After washing the hair, it should tie in a bun or braided overnight. In the morning the hair can be left open for the wavy hair look. In case it is difficult to manage the wavy hair, hairpins or clips may be used to tie the hair at one side. During summer, when leaving the hair open can be uncomfortable due to the heat, a side braid can be tied using the hair, to keep it out of the face. However, this style, suitable for wet hair, should be used only when the wearer is short of time.

Brightly colored lips look luscious and enhance the face, and products such as the rose colored sugar lip treatment in spf 15 add a touch of color. A wide range of tanners and bronzers are available so that women can have tanned skin even if they were unable to spend much time on the beach. These tanning products should be applied sparingly, on the cheekbones, forehead and neck to highlight the complexion. Avoid using heavy foundation for makeup, use cream instead on the face to make the skin tone look even. If powder blush is applied on the cheeks it may disappear after some time, so cream blush in pastel shades are recommended.

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