Iman keeps on calling for a more diversified runway

While Fern Mallis doesn’t have a lot of trouble getting spectacular guests for her talk series 92Y “Fashion Icons”, the new season which kick started on Tuesday has the possibility of becoming the most explosive one as of now. There is no other description of the last evening’s two hour long tête-à-tête with Iman, the supermodel from Somalia whose extensive resume goes way beyond the modelling world. 60 year old Iman has modelled for a lot of famous designers, acted in films, produced an autobiography, set afloat a world-wide beauty company, produced a home network shopping line as well as did charity work. She has been married to David Bowie for 23 years and has two kids. Thus, her private life is unparalleled.

At the beginning of the show, when Iman entered there was a recognizable gasp in the auditorium. At that particular moment, it was absolutely clear that her magnificence and beauty had exceeded the assumptions of the present audience. The wheeze was audible as she recollected her poverty-stricken childhood, wherein, her parents put great importance on education. At the age of 7 she went to an esteemed boarding school situated in Egypt. Her mother sold her jewellery to pay for the tuition.

Iman keeps on calling for a more diversified runway 1

In 1975, Iman studied in the University of Nairobi and did two jobs. At that time she was stopped by a pedestrian on the road. It was the famous photographer Peter Beard who gave her $8000 to arrive in her first fashion magazine.

26 years ago she retired from the modelling world and she has keenly devoted herself to diversify the conventional notions of beauty and fashion.  After the New York Fashion Week in spring 2014, Iman as well as Naomi Campbell got associated with Diversity Coalition headed by Bethann Hardison, in order to draw notice to the absence of diversity in the modelling world. Iman said that she has seen a significant change after Hardison’s campaign got noticed. Iman believes that all young models irrespective of their race should unite for this crusade.

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