Plus Size Model Posed Nude In Glamour Iceland Latest Issue

Bare is the new trend! Ashley Graham, a plus size model known for her ad in Sports Illustrated swimsuit, posed nude for the latest issue of Glamour Iceland. She stripped naked with her model friends who all went bare for this issue.

It was on May 8, Friday, the recent issue was released featuring models of all sizes totally naked. The ALDA models such as Inga Eiriksdottir, Ashley Graham, Julie Henderson, Danielle Redman and Marquita Pringshow their bare backs. It looked like all the models bundled up together for a nude session and their goal for the photo shoot was to transform the idea of how beauty is observed in the field of modeling. As per Icelandic, the word ALDA signifies “wave” basically brings together a league of models who wish to spread the message across to the world that beauty can be perceived in any shape or form and does not come under any restricted set of rules.

In the recent Glamour Iceland's ALDA Spread model Spread goes nude 1

Eiriksdottir also came ahead to spread and talk about the efforts of the models. She stated that the models came forth and in secrecy met each other for a couple of months and decided on this business plan. Then they went ahead and contacted some of the chief New York agencies. She stated that many of them had never before represented before models bigger than size 6. And they were way too huge, so they actually did not know how the reaction would be from these big agency houses. However, she stated that all of them were more than amazed and thrilled by the positive responses that they were receiving.

In the recent Glamour Iceland's ALDA Spread model Spread goes nude

After going through a few negotiations and discussions, the group decided to march ahead and join hands with IMG as they felt that the concern would actually help them spread their business better and that they would all get a great feedback. They accepted and loved what the modes stood for. It must not matter much whether a model’s size is size 3 or 12; the point is everyone must be treated on equal lines.

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