Innovative theme parties for summer

Almost all youngsters love to enjoy the summer holidays with so fun by arranging the summer parties that includes games, dance and songs.  Let us see seven best and innovative party themes for people to enjoy with friends in summer.

Ice cream social is one of the innovative themes that include arranging a long table along with couple of picnic tables. This party theme can be arranged as dinner party to make the guests enjoy the sweet. You can offer ice creams to the guests with a variety of toppings and offer them their favorite.

Innovative theme parties for summer

Fashion night theme arises from the Fashion shows. In this party theme, you can add best soundtrack to make the guests enjoy and have utmost fun along with the models cat walk. Even you can play the movie using the projector and white cloth or sheet.  You can offer dinner along with garnish items to enjoy the party.

Backyard campout can be arranged by the people who have a vast backyard in their home. You can make a campout in the backyard and set a fire pit and tell some scary stories to make the guests have good time pass and thrill. Using a projector you could also play a movie. If you have rooms in the backyard, you can invite your friends to stay a night.

Margaritas and piñatas is a Mexican theme that includes wearing a sombrero and having a taco bar. People find fun by mixing the piñatas along with the margaritas served to the guests.

Greek surprisetheme includes serving the lamb kebabs, grape leaf roll ups and ouzo. Guests are made to wear a toga and play some classical songs.

Water world theme will make the adult people behave like a kid by playing with the water balloons. Fill the balloon with water and play a water balloon contest.

The mad hatter’s tea table theme will let the girls to come in their favorite women sets and make dishes such as crumpets along with tea.

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