At the beginning of twentieth century, corsets were extensively used by women to enhance their figures and some 1905 corset patterns are discussed.

The natural figure of women depends to a very large extent on their age, hereditary factors and lifestyle, can be greatly improved by wearing supporting garments. At the turn of the century, having a slim waist was considered to be very fashionable, and many women used corsets to enhance their figure. For the benefit of readers a fashion expert has reproduced some of the popular corset fashions in 1905 which were taken from a very rare September 1905 copy of The Delineator magazine featuring various garments and style which has managed to get hold of.

1905 corsets

One of these corset designs are for women with slight figures designed to emphasize their figure, is a rather plain pattern with minimal frills and accessories. Another more glamorous corset design uses satin with ribbons for added effect, emphasizing the natural waist of the women wearing the corset, and also creating the illusion of a high bust. A corset made from coutil white in color, is designed for women with larger hips and a higher bust. The white colored satin corset has been specially designed for women to make their curves below their waist less prominent.

Tape or ribbon girdles are a variation of corsets suitable for outdoor activities and sports like tennis and golf. Satin in brocades, with lace in front are used for novelty corsets. White ribboned satin are used for providing bust support for certain corsets, while plain satin is used for reducing the hips. A jersey silk corset can be used for women with a medium figure who wish to emphasize their bust, In this era, the corset designs changed so that the top of the corset would start closer to the waist, so it was interesting to know that multiple variations in design are available..

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