Iranian fashion revolution starts to gradually shine

After years and years of working in the dark, the industry is starting to finally bloom. It however makes sure to follow the religious statute that is permitted in Islam to go ahead with modeling and fashion business. At the Oxygen Royal health and fitness centre in the northern part of Tehran, around 20 young men were flocked together, and everyone of them were adorning similar black colored T-shirts and it had DFW inscribed in it, as its abbreviation being Darab fashion week.

The centre is located in one of the most historical and prosperous districts – Gheytarieh, at Alborz mountains foothills which is towering over the capital of Iran. With sophisticated exercise equipment and several VIP members, it is easily compared to Beverly Hills. This centre basically is the landmark for the male models of Iran to practice swashbuckling of catwalk under the professional guidance of a specialized trainer. This trainer will be preparing them for the upcoming casting that is to be followed.

Iranian fashion revolution starts to gradually shine  1

No doubt after so much of hard work, the results are definitely promising. All these men have been offered the contract for the upcoming Darab event which is to be held in September and it will be taken place in Esteghlal hotel.

After more than three decades confrontation and freighting underground, fashion is gradually getting a place to breathe under the Islamic Republic. All across Iran, fashion weeks have been increasing rapidly and thus the prerequisite for more models have been considerably augmented.

Many of the models at Oxygen Royal are being hired through a modeling agency named Behpooshi which was one of the first agencies that had acquired official permission last year to start operating. At the moment it has 30 female and 50 male models and they are being linked to event managers such as Darab.

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