Jaden Smith, Kanye West and Many Male Celebs Wear Dresses and Skirts

Jaden Smith has already turned the fashion world upside down by storm, when he dared to step out in an ultra chic girlish dress.

However this trend setter teen already an icon for many, he complete carries himself wonderfully in a girly dress. You must know now that Jaden is not the only one who is sporting girly dresses and styles; however there are several other male celebs who love wearing pink skirts and dresses.

Jaden Smith, 16, on April Apr. 9, caused much of a stir around, when he was noticed wearing a dress. Even though he is commonly known to have some very bold sartorial choices it is recently that we have watched him into the dressy fashion style.

Jaden Smith, Kanye West and Many Male Celebs Wear Dresses and Skirts 1

Well, there is more to come. If you have been lucky to watch The Throne tour in 2011 or if you could end up catching Kanye West’s concert a Madison Square Garden on 12/12/12, then you will by now surely agree that Kanye is quite a vocal advocate of skirts, however it may seem a bit weird to you, well this style is blooming high!

On both the tours we noticed him wear skirts and it all came from the popular Givenchy’s Mens Fall 2012 collection. Well so this actually means, this trend is so much perfectly acceptable men.

Jared Leto, 43, as we all by now know has been quite a dream boat since the age old days of My So-Called Life, and not only this he made heads turn when he went ahead amplifying his appeal by fronting 30 Seconds to Mars, the very famous rock band!

We have seen him quite frequently hanging out in skirts and h appears pretty relaxed and cool in them. If anyone can be related to Jaden, I would be none other than Jared!

Weird but the style is slowly sinking in!

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