Jane Birkin Wants To Remove Her Name From The Birkin Bag

The Birkin Bag was introduced to the world by Hermes 31 years ago. And since then nothing has changed about the bag except for the fact that it has got more and more expensive over the years. In today’s time, the tote can be easily purchased spending $10,500 to $150,000 from the high end retail outlets.

However, an important change will soon be seen as Jane Birkin, the British actress and singer, no longer wants her name on it. She no longer wants her name to be associated with the crocodile skin bag that is manufactured using inhumane and cruel techniques which is nothing but cruelty to animals.


It was found out in a recent investigation by PETA that the factory which sends crocodile skins to the tannery of Hermes uses inhuman practices to kill the crocodiles. A single Birkin Bag uses the skin of two to three crocodiles. Therefore Jane Birkin has finally decided to ask Hermes Group to change the name of the Birkin Bag until ethical practices and international standards are followed by the manufacturing company.

In respond to the allegations made by PETA and Jane Birkin’s request for removal of her name, Hermes Group has stated that they are shocked by the pictures which were recently broadcast. They respect Jane Birkin and share her concerns. Hermes has taken up investigation of the Texas farms which had been shown on television.

They have also made claims that the farm is not a property of Hermes Group and the crocodile skin supplied by them is not used in the making of Birkin bags. They have always tried to maintain and adhere to the highest ethical standard and expect the same from their partners and suppliers. And therefore monthly visits are also organized and visits to the suppliers are done regularly.

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