Jane Fonda looks ravishing in Cover of W

The 77 year old star Jane Fonda made headlines and looked extremely ravishing on the recent Cover of W. It seems like age will never knock down a few people, and Jane Fonda is definitely one of them.

For the June/July issue, you must not miss the chance of getting to watch the ‘Covers of W’ as Jane Fonda looks extremely gorgeous. The spot was taken by Steven Meisel while the overall styling part was done by Edward Enninful. There is simply no doubt about this that the septuagenarian looked high-end spectacular.

Jane Fonda looks ravishing in Cover of W 1


She also revealed a bit of skin in the stunning Giambattista Valli gown and in the cape which as casually thrown right over the shoulder. Well, if this is how a 77 year old will look like, then we are simply speechless and have nothing to state! All that we can say is bring it on!

Discount Retailers gaining huge turnover due to recent Port Disruptions

Recently retailers from discount designer section are gaining huge benefits due to the port disruptions that had taken place during the earlier part of this year. Several stores such as T.J. Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory and also Ross Dress for Less ended up snapping a lot after canceling tons of orders, backlogs and goods being overstocked due to the extensively long month dispute of the labors. This is the reason why, TJX Cos Inc, which is TJ Maxxs’ parent company, for the very first quarter received quite a high amount of earning.

New Department Store-Sized Flagship started by H&M

The 63,000 square foot flagship of H&M’ at the Herald Square will serve as a huge platform for customers to shop their products. There are 34 registers, and it has four floors, two elevators and two entrances.

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