Jennifer Lopez’s nearly naked appearance in the finale of American Idol

It is Jennifer Lopez, after all! And she knows how to beautifully display her curves and hot body in ravishing outfits. Jennifer Lopez recently performed in the finale of American Idol and she had graced a sheer gown, which has made her appear more or less nude!

Well, everybody’s eyes were on J.Lo’s body and hot booty! Alongside fellow judges Harry Connick, Jr. and Keith Urban on Wednesday, May 13, the ravishing star Jennifer Lopez performed at the American Idol finale. All eyes and focus of everyone present out there was on Jennifer Lopez who had come to perform in quite a revealing, sheer dress.

Jennifer Lopez’s nearly naked appearance in the finale of American IdolJennifer Lopez’s nearly naked appearance in the finale of American Idol

Lopez, 45, had donned one of the Charbel Zoe numbers and no doubt she ended up appearing quite hot. However there is no doubt that she looked quite bare in the sheer dress that she had worn for the performance. The dress looked quite bright and gleaming which had a sparse skirt together with a top which was close to bikini-style. The dress fitted her just so perfectly and it was also quite tactically covering her body parts, especial the parts which needed to be hidden!

The stunning dress also has halter neck. And that was well covered with faux jewel together with a slender triangular cutout in a slender way to take care and cover up her belly button.

This was the most recent body revealing dress that she had donned. We also saw Beyonce and Kim Kardashian to be quite much in headlines for wearing sheer outfits and gave nearly naked looks. The controversial and infamous dresses of Kim and Bey at 2015 Met Gala event put these hot celebs at the headlines.

On Wednesday, she had performed on smashing famous numbers such as “Locked Out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars and Rihanna’s “Diamonds”. One of the observers also had stated that it was quite entertaining and a fun performance, and at the same time J.Lo looked quite a stunner herself!

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