Joseph Altuzarra designed handbags from bull ropes and whips

Joseph Altuzarra was in a search for bull ropes and whips when it came to designing handbags. For his 2015 fall collection, the designer wanted to do something unique when an idea hit him that he could make handbags using the bull whips and ropes. And so he decided to contact a supplier in New Mexico who is a specialist. The whip maker had several questions for Altuzarra before he could sell the ropes. The whip maker asked Altuzarra, the size of his hand, weight of the bull and age of the bull. However Altuzarra explained it to him that the ropes are not for that purpose and it will be used for something else.

For his first collection of handbags Altuzarra had to put in a lot of effort. He had to rework a lot in order to make the leather bull ropes, shaping the bags accordingly and then attaching the real bull whips to the bag which was a difficult task. Ghianda in Italian language means acorn and therefore when the bull whip attached to the bag formed an acorn like shape, and hence the name was kept. The bags were named likewise and were called Ghianda large and Ghianda small according to the size and the price ranged from $2195 to $28000.

Joseph Altuzarra designed handbags from bull ropes and whips 1

When Lehman Brothers had gone bankrupt in 2013, it was then Altuzarra had launched his brand, just a day before after which the economy really went down. Therefore the success of his brand was not that great in such an economy. In order to do keep the brand going, Altuzarra had to sell some stakes of his brand to Kering which is a French luxury brand.

He really needed a partner in order to make his brand grow. Altuzarra is also after something big which he has not commented upon and will be soon revealing it but not as yet. He said he is still working on it and will not comment about it.

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