Julianne Hough experiences Nip Slip Moments

Quite recently the beautiful Julianne Hough had to go through an unexpected nip slip moment. After she had gave an amazing performance with Derek in Dancing With the Stars she experiences nip slip moments! She was there attending the after-party of Dancing With the Stars when the nip slip took place!

Eeks! After quite a wonderful power packed performance at the finale of Dancing With the Stars, Julianne Hough who is the judge for the show, was seen wearing a trendy risqué sheer dress and she had to go through a nip slip. On Tuesday, May 19, she was seen leaving Beso, known to be the Hollywood hot spot, when this incident took place.

Julianne Hough experiences Nip Slip Moments 1

The previous Dancing With the Stars pro, 26, was being led out with Brooks Laich, her boyfriend. And she ended up with the material of her hot sheer dress shifting a bit, and thus the misplacement took place. The dress was no doubt quit chic and hot but due to the accidental shift the nip slip took place. This resulted in exposing one of the parts of her breast which was quite easily being visible due to the presence of the sheer black material.

Hough was not at all aware of what had happened was being guided by her boyfriend Brooks Laich, who is a hockey player down the street. However, all the photographers did not leave a moment and were seen swarming all around her. To add to this, there was a bit more of action that took place.

There was a man who suddenly appeared before her with a huge plastic cup and started to beg for some spare change from the gorgeous star. Even though Laich did wish to help him she could not do anything as she only had credits on her and no change to spare on the man!

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