Julianne Hough Stuns Everyone By Her Beautiful Chartreuse Gown On The Dance Show!

It was the judge on the ‘Dancing with The stars’ got full marks for dressing really really well!  The participant Alfonso Ribeiro received big appreciation as he performed Carlton Dance on the show this Monday evening. Along with the super talented dancers, judges also managed to grab attention! The beautiful judge Julianne Hough made everyone stunned by her looks! She wore beautiful pale yellowish liquor colored dress designed by Jenny Packham. The former dancer was looking magnificent in the beautiful attire!  We may try to guess why would she look so adorable? One of the reasons could be her conviction about the attire. The ex-dancer expressed her feelings as, “This dress made me feel beautiful.”

Julianne Hough Stuns Everyone By Her Beautiful Chartreuse Gown On The Dance Show

The glamorous judge did not hesitate to appreciate the attire as she said that the color is no doubt bold but does not get on your nerves! Instead it makes her feel more confident and empowered! She also added that the neckline of the dress is elegant and the flow of the dress is really graceful!   She further added, “I feel very spoiled that I get to wear such amazing pieces. We accessorized with one of my favorite jewelers, Neil Lane.” The neck of the attire had floral broach. She wore accessories like delicate pearl earrings that made her look very hot but descent too! Julianne had done lot of detailing as we can see she made her look even more stylish with long bangs which framed her beautiful face and collected all her locks in a loose bun.

The Rock Of Ages star avoided too much face painting and had only bronze makeup, with dark mascara and her statement red lipstick.

Julianne greeted Alfonso by saying, “I’m so glad you made us wait for the Carlton – it’s almost like dating!’ The participant replied by saying, “This is a moment I’ve dreamed about many years.”

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