Kardashians channel gangster molls in Instagram snap

Khloe Kardashian has shared a photo of  her celebrity family members on Instagram with ever curious public having  the caption Mob Mondays

The Kardashian family is well known worldwide for their reality show, keeping up with the Kardashians, and people are ever eager and curious to find out more about this celebrity family and the latest happenings in their life. To satiate the curiosity of their numerous fans worldwide Khloe Kardashian recently posted a photo of their family members and their mother at a party. In keeping with the style of the show Mob Wives, the photo which showed the members of the celebrity family at their  glamorous best was captioned “Mob Monday”.

Kardashians channel gangster molls in Instagram snap_FI

The Instagram photo featured the Kardashian sisters Khloe, Kim, Kourtney along with their mother and manager Kris Jenner looking their  glamorous best at the Elton John Aids foundation party associated with the Oscar, which was held earlier in the year. In the flashback photograph, supplied by Khloe Kardashian all the three sisters are dressed at their stunning best, wearing outfits that enhance their appearance, making them look even more glamorous. Khloe, who is rumoured to be dating French Montana will be making a trip to Africa soon with her boyfriend.

In the Instagram photo which has been extensively promoted in media channels both online and offline, Khloe has worn dark lipstick to highlight her lips, and a very glamorous velvet gown on this red carpet occassion. Her sister Kim Kardashian who is a very popular celebrity worldwide for her fantastic figure had worn a sizzling red outfit, which made her look hot. The other sister Kourtney won admiring glances from many in the crowd with her smart bow tie and suit outfit. Thus the Kardashian family emulated the style of the glamorous gangster molls, and attracted a lot of attention in the social media.

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