Kate Middleton looks ravishing in modish Christopher Kane coat during her Scotland visit

After a slow and calm summer with her rug rats in Amner Hall, it now seems like Kate Middleton is all fresh and set to return back to her everyday grind of hair flipping and handshakes. President Xi Jinping of China on Tuesday was fêted by the modish Duchess of Cambridge in a complete princess regalia, while on Wednesday she was ready to meet Jackie Chan and for this occasion she had adorned Dolce & Gabbana. Indeed what a wonderful week has it been!

It was on Friday that the Duchess came out for her third public trip along with Prince William, when they headed to the Dundee Repertory Theatre located in Scotland. Well, on this outing she had adorned a splendid belted coat dress and she indeed looked quite beautiful.

Kate Middleton looks ravishing in modish Christopher Kane coat during her Scotland visit  1

As it has often been the case with the Duchess, this time it seemed that her sartorial selection was done quite attentively than merely wearing one for an occasion: The color of the coat was, Scottish blue, and well was especially designed by Christopher Kane, the very popular Scottish designer. It looked like a very neat yet classy layer-wearer, which was just rightly paired together with a black turtleneck, opaque tights and heeled boots that was knee-high.

It seems like the Aquatalia Rhumba have been quite specially been favored by Middleton and well she has been spotted with them on several occasions and well we can see it very easily why she holds on to it.  They are wearable and fairly practical, yet at the same time come with the right amount of heels to make you look just suitably stylish and dress up things, aptly.

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