Kate Upton’s First Ever Shoot

Recently released photos of the popular model Kate Upton show her at her First Ever Shoot as a model, at the tender age of fifteen years.

Most glamour magazines choose their cover girl with great care and after a lot of consideration since the predominantly male readers will often make an impulse purchase of the magazine based on the model featured on the cover of the magazine. When an extremely popular model or actress is featured on the cover, the copies will often get sold out, and become a collector’s item, which can be resold later after a few years, at a much higher price. The twenty two year old model Kate Upton has been a favorite among both photographers as well as magazine editors for her looks and curves..


The beauty of popular celebrity model Kate Upton has always been acknowledged by all those who have worked with her or seen her photos gracing the cover of many popular magazines, making men skip a heartbeat and fantasize about her. While some women may admire her looks there are many women who will become green with envy at her looks. The glamorous model has featured on the cover of a variety of magazines covering a wide range of topics ranging from multiple issues of sports illustrated targeting sports fans and sportswear to fashion magazines like vogue.

Now photos of the lovely Kate Upton’s first ever photo shoot for the magazine at the tender age of fifteen have been now released. They display her poise and natural modeling skills even at the very young age. The photos taken by Steven Burton of the young blonde beauty, when still in her teens,  show that she is a natural in front of the camera. Her modeling career has taken off very fast after that, as she has been photographed in a wide variety of situations, including zero gravity to gracing the covers of many popular magazines.

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