Kendall Jenner Rocks in Platinum Blonde Hair

The raven –haired Kendall Jenner finally decided to follow her sister Kim Kardashian’s footsteps. The 19 year old model has decided to go for the platinum blonde look just like sister Khloe and Kim Kardashian. The model looked like a rock star at the behind the scenes of Fendi campaign shoot. The model proved to her sisters that even she can pull off the blonde look gracefully.

Kendall was earlier seen donning several hairstyles for the Daze magazine and other braid style for Coachella, but her overall look was always classic. She has always had a minimalistic approach towards her style, be it make-up or hair, however her platinum blonde look comes as a huge surprise. And she pulled it off well! For the Fendi campaign, her make-up included winged eyeliner which actually gave her retro cat eye and she used nude lipstick for her lips. The entire look is yet to come out in Fendi’s campaign.

Kendall Jenner Rocks in Platinum Blonde Hair 1

At first it looked as if the KUWTK star had actually dyed her hair blonde like big sisters, however the model was wearing a wig which she had traded with Lily Donaldson, her fellow supermodel for the day. She looked amazing in her new looks. Lily Donaldson who actually had a blonde hair color had a brunette wig on. The wig looked super realistic as even the roots of her wig were brunettes.

Fendi’s Instagram account had Kendall’s blonde look snap uploaded which shocked many as she totally rocked that look. She proved that she can look good with lighter locks too. However it is a relief that she had put on a wig and not dyed her hair as she looks great in her natural look. The blonde look was just a false alarm and not real unlike her sisters.

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