Kerry Washington’s New Clothing Collection

Actress and new mother Kerry Washington’s will be launching a new Clothing Collection with designer Lyn Paolo and with the backing of the TV production house.

It has been announced that Emmy award winning actress and new mother Kerry Washington will be playing a new role as a fashion designer. The actress will be collaborating with noted designer of costumes Lyn Paolo and The Limited to launch a New 42 piece Clothing Collection of original designs based on the fashion style of the protagonist of her TV show scandal, Olivia Pope.

Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope Scandal

Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope Scandal

It is believed to be the first collaboration between the actress and the designer, and has generated a lot of curiosity and speculation in fashion magazines.

The actress who played an important role in the popular television serial Scandal, became a mother last month, and is known for her immaculate sense of dressing and fashion style both in the TV serial as well as in her public appearances, especially on the red carpet. This designer clothing collection will be extensively promoted both online as well as offline. It is considered to be one of the few design collaboration which have the backing of a retailer with a national network, a popular TV serial, the costume designer for the show and the main actress for the TV serial.

The actress claimed that the collection embodied the elegance fashion style of the Scandal show for both fashion conscious women and others. It is designed for the loyal fans of the TV serial Scandal, women who follow the latest fashion trends closely as well as women who like to look good, when pursuing their hobbies, professions or careers. Some sample sketches of the design have been released as a preview. It has been announced that the official Scandal collection consisting of garments which can be worn separately such as pants, tops, jackets and outerwear will be available for sale in fall. The garments are affordably priced, with prices starting from $49.

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