Khloe’s Budget Makeup Essentials

If you are a celeb hairstylist, will you run to a drugstore after you lose your luggage?

Stunned to hear such a question? Don’t be because Jen Atkin, Khloe Kardashian’s go-to stylist did so after landing in Chicago, only for discovering that her glam kit was MIA. Atkin was with the reality star when she landed in Chicago on Monday.

Jen Atkin is a famous celeb hair stylist who styles Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Connelly and Kendall Jenner. She hurriedly reached the Walgreens to find out some her makeup essentials. Later she wrote about some solutions and asked for a good luck.

Khloe’s Budget Makeup Essentials

Jen put a question that what you would do when your important hair kit had not made your flight? A ridiculing answer she wrote that one would make lemonade out of those lemons which tasted sour at the local Walgreens. And so badly Atkin needed a good luck. She added a too important note that she had found a pink leopard beauty bag there.

Truly she found it at Walgreens. Besides Atkin took up a John Frieda blow dryer, Revlon and studio beauty brushes, the styling products by Frederic Fekkai, Dove, TIGI, L’Oreal Paris, Kardashian Beauty hair straightener. All of the essentials, the seventeen products to sum up, were purchased within only hundred dollars. Isn’t it something more than impressive?

Khloe’s Budget Makeup Essentials 1

In fact, Khloe Kardashian looked gorgeous in the Ultabeauty event in Chicago. With her makeup by Mario, hair styling by Jen Atkin, the hair color from Tracey cunningham1, Kim was looking ravishing. Atkin thanked kbeautyhair for coming to her help. Even she learnt that she could work only with the essentials of only $100.

She confessed that she had fallen in love with the new products bought from the drugstore especially the John Frieda’s blow dryer.

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