Kim and Kenye Relaxed In Their Luxurious Vacation

Kim Kardashian and Kenye West are enjoying their super luxurious vacation in a private 5-star residence called Casa Armara in Mexico. The residence is for the super rich people and located in the beautiful Punta Mita.

The hot couple enjoyed and relaxed in their temporary residence that offers a fabulous and heaven like ambiance to the residents out there. Rich with man-made and natural beauty coupled with luxurious stay and mouth-watering delicacies of the rental make the place worth staying.

Kim and Kenye Relaxed In Their Luxurious Vacation

The royal luxury of the rental is available for any vacationer who can pay the minimum fare of $15,000 in a night. The vacation residence comes with 13 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. World-renowned delicacies served by the chefs of this 5-star resort include dishes of fresh seafoods and fishes with every meal.

Kimye are definitely having a great time in their temporary heavenly residence that also offers the scope to indulge in the luxury of its 2 spacious pools that are a few minutes from the private beach.

Kim has rightly written her message on her Instagram account for her fans and followers describing the beauty of the place. She writes, “Heaven on earth!” She added, “Thank you @RealJoeFrancis for letting us stay at Casa Aramara!”

Kim has also used her scope to perfect her tan in this sunny vacation. She also posts her picture on her Instagram account to show her perfectly tanned and in-shape body. She is looking stunning as she looks forever. She posts her selfie wearing attractive two piece.

Kim and Kenye always managed to stay on top of news for their works, lifestyle or fashion sense. This time Kim and Kenye has successfully created news by staying in this super posh vacation rental and updating on their vacation.

We wish to get lots of images from this super hot couple to find them relaxing and enjoying their days in their vacation.

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