Kim Kardashian Inspired Shoes!

Kim Kardashian again proved herself! The reality star recently served as the inspiration behind the making of very fashionable high heeled booties which is part of Giuseppe Zanotti’s collection. The shoe is not only trendy but also is very well named. It is called‘Mrs. West’. This shoes is included in Italian designer’s Rock ‘n’ Roll line.  The brand is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Kim has always been in news for her fashion trends. She has shown all varieties from plunging neckline to sheer looks! By this shoe collection, Kim again will prove to be a fashionable celeb who is extremely choosy about her footwear too!

Kim Kardashian Inspired Shoes 1

The heels are black colored and have very glamorous design. They were designed especially for Kim in the 2012, and flaunt a huge metal hardwear at the front. Zanotti actually explained how this shoe came into reality. He said, “In 2012, Kanye brought Kim to Italy for her birthday. As part of the celebration, they came to my factory in San Mauro Pascoli. Together Kanye and I sketched shoes just for Kim. She picked out her favorite design and I made them for her. It was a very romantic gesture. Mrs. West was also the first shoe Kanye created for Kim before they were married.” This shoe was released during Milan Fashion Week so as to honor the brand’s 20th anniversary.

Zanotti is known to collaborate with the Grammy winner for many sandals and shoes in the past. Last year after the rapper’s 2013 album, the duo worked on ‘all white’ heels which were named as Cruel Summer. The designer is one of the close friends to the ‘West’ family. So it should not be surprising if he designs cutie-bootie for Nori!  The Giuseppe Zanotti’s new collection has got all big style-icons! .The collection is known to have inspired from Michael Jackson. Inspired from the king of pop, the designer has created a caged heel which has got silver hardwear decoration!

The entire collection is expected in this December.

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