Kim Kardashian Uses Spanx!

Undoubtedly, reality star Kim Kardashian is considered as one of the most ravishing and glamorous ladies in the world. However on May 10, ‘KUWTK’, in one of its episodes, she revealed that she had put on around 20 pounds. Hence, she has started to feel very much insecure and anxious about her overall appearance and body.

Kim is no less than us, in fact pretty close when it comes to ‘weighty matters’! She was telling her younger sister, Kylie Jenner that she must not be quite conscious of her lips as she is more concerned about her curves. She even told her sister that after North West’s birth she had gained a lot of weight and ever since she has not been able to shed it.

Kim Kardashian Uses Spanx

Kim Kardashian: Unable to leave home without Spanx

Lately elder sister Kim, 31, admitted to Kylie, 17, that she wants to shed around 20 pounds. Weight is becoming quite an issue for her and this is why she has not been able to leave home without ‘Spanx’, which helps to suck in her excess tummy and thighs.

Together with her sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner viewers all around the globe were extremely shocked after Kim came out with such news. People stated that everyone was also quite relieved as they always wondered Kim as one of the most confident women around. It makes her pretty normal as even she frets about her weight.

It is in fact very normal for Kim to feel this way and she definitely admits the fact that she is not perfect like everyone of us.

We simply love Kim and the honesty she came up with! She was honest about things she is not quite confident about and we adore her!

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