Kim Kardashian’s $2,642 Airport Outfit

The casuals that Kim Kardashian wore recently were no ordinary casuals. They looked quite posh and expensive, well and yes, they were!

Kim does not go for cheap stuff. Even the casuals she wears are too expensive. Recently we caught her jetting away on Monday, April 20, from L.A. to NYC. She was wearing quite a cozy and chic casual outfit and it seemed like she had a smooth flight! However what actually caught every one’s attention is that the hoodie that Km was wearing was quite pricy and its cost was more than grand. Ohh yes you got to believe that!

When it is the Kardashians, anything is possible!

Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ reality star, Kim Kardashian, 34, was seen donning a Vetements hoodie that was bell-sleeved and it was close to $870. As for the jeans that she had worn, it was the Photo Ready Distressed Cropped Skinny jeans from J Brand, and its cost was about $227.

Kim Kardashian's $2,642 Airport Outfit 1

The vintage booties had a classic touch and were of the brand, Tom Ford. Well, leave about the posh bag and other accessories which we did not count in, but all together the clothes alone came to around $1,097. Now that’s a pricy price!

Kim Kardashian's $2,642 Airport Outfit

However, no girl would be able to leave their doorstep without some stylish and chic accessories and when it comes to Kim, she sure won’t! She had smartly worn Saint Laurent sunglasses which was around $395 and smartly walked in those branded crocodile Givenchy bag which was approximately $1,150. So sum it all together and it comes to a grand total of cool $2,642!

Now that is just one day that we counted in the life of a lavish and in demand lady like Kim Kardashian!

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