Kim Kardashian’s nude look at Met Gala 2015

There is no doubt that Kim Kardashian turned up in one of the most daring dresses in the recent Met Gala 2015 event, however it was a bit closer to the outfit that Beyonce had worn too!

The dress that she had donned perfectly complimented her hourglass figure. To add to it the see-through inserts were all set at the right place. There is no doubt that this is one of the best look Kim has so far adorned and it did flatter her from every possible angle.

Kim Kardashian’s nude look at Met Gala 2015 2

Since this is the very first time Kim is using this popular Italian brand, she did a great job and looked quite magnificent in the super impressive feather-train dress which did a great job of syncing beautifully with the oriental theme of the party. Well, that was 2 birds together with one stone!

There is simply no doubt about the fact that Kim Kardashian is a die-hard fashion enthusiast and one of her all time favorite designers are Balmain and Givenchy. She still continues to spread a great fashion sense wherever she goes to and she left the very same effect at the recent Met Gala event.

Kim Kardashian’s nude look at Met Gala 2015 1


Even though this was her first time in a Roberto Cavalli we have to admit that she pulled up the style in quite an amazing way and left all of us startled the way she carried herself in the refined yet chic sheer gown.

The Met Gala 2012 gown which Beyonce had worn around three years back which was a semi sheer Givenchy gown did draw in tons of attention and this time Kim made it quite clear that she was all set to steal the show at the prestigious event. There is no doubt that she shone brilliantly in the crystal and feather gown which was originally the work of designer Peter Dundas however it was returned to Cavalli’s helm. And look what you get out of it, sheer ecstasy!

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